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Brandon W.

Love the scents. Customer service was second to none. I've used a LOT of products over the years, and I can tell these are very high quality. Definitely recommend giving Iowa Beard Company a try.

Chad D.

This is by far the greatest beard oil I’ve ever used, and yes I’ve tried many. It goes on smooth and the scent last forever! May I suggest “The Black Hills” for those of you looking to let out your inner Grizzly Adams With the blends of frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli and Rosemary.

Nathon F.

I used the Elixir soap and it is amazing, I used it after trying Dr. Squatch's Bay Rum and your soap is hands down better. The scent is clean and spicy the bits of spice are the perfect amount of exfoliation. I will order this soap quite frequently

Robert C. 

The beard balm is amazing!! It not only moisturizes my skin, but also smells great!!

Matt T. 

I’ve tried a lot of other beard balms and oils out there and I have to say the “Cure All Beard Balm” is fantastic. I take a little dab and massage it into my beard till it hits my skin and I absolutely love the icy clean feel I get from it. A lot of other beard balms that I’ve tried out there have made me break out and they also leave a greasy residue. But just minutes after applying this beard balm, it absorbs into my skin extremely well. I also love how it’s handmade and all-natural. I’m definitely a happy customer and will definitely be buying more!

MacKenzie W.

I don’t have a beard but the balm works great on tattoos! I love the scents and product packaging, truly unique! Shop local and support IBC!

Ryan A.

I recently bought the bread oil in which I’m extremely happy with. The scents are amazing and the product itself makes my beard manageable and the scent last for hours!! I highly recommend this company and I will return to buy more of their products!

Laney H.

Folks with and without beards - LISTEN UP! The Iowa Beard company has got some ah-mazing products I have to rave about.
First - The formula they use for their body wash is great for sensitive skin. I have those lovely lil' red chicken bumps on my arms and this body wash in a loofa smoothes my skin and reduces the irritation. Ya must get. Pick a scent, any scent they're all good, but I used Black Hills this last round and love it!
Second - The Elixr beard oil is what my fiancé has been using for the past 2.5 months (A bottle has lasted almost 3 months and he's only missed a few days of application) and he's loving how his beard is growing in faster and thicker with no more patching! He used to only need to trim once every few months, and now needs a trim every two to three weeks. It's really working for him (and for me - SO SOFT Y'ALL) and Jaymee and Justin will answer any questions you need to help you figure out what's going to work for your personal needs, so don't be nervous about what to try first - they'll help you find something you'll love!

Zach N.
I ordered a gift for my brother-in-laws birthday on Sunday and IBC went above and beyond and dropped off the order personally the next day because it was on their way home. Great customer service and great product!