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Beard Oil, Balm & Wash Pack


Image of Beard Oil, Balm & Wash Pack

Choose your favorite oil, balm, and an unscented wash.

King Slayer
Fresh and sweet earthy tones with eucalyptus, cypress, vanilla, clove bud and other essential oils.

The Black Hills
Smokey wooden aroma with cedarwood, patchouli, rosemary, and other essential oils.

Bright warm cinnamon aroma with cinnamon bark, clove bud, wintergreen, eucalyptus, basil, rosemary and other essential oils.

Snake Oil
Citrus outdoorsman aroma with lemongrass, tea tree, frankincense and other essential oils.

Pure Gold

Tobacco Bitters
Vanilla and tobacco aroma with tobacco, cinnamon, vanilla essential oils,

American Gentleman
Fresh clean cut like aroma with bay leaf, sandalwood, vanilla, and other essential oils.

Dead Man's Chest
Bay Rum aroma with Bay oil, Bergamot, and other essential oils.

Bourbon like scent with a hint of sweetness.

*Wash will come in clear bottle. Until we can get the dark bottles in.*